Downloading your 23andMe DNA

23andMe is not currently allowing customers to download their raw DNA files (as of November 2023)

Here are the steps to getting your DNA from 23andMe:

Click this shortcut to log into your account.
Visit Download Raw Data page. Or, you can visit the page from your Account tab on top-right → ”Browse Raw Data” → “Download” too).
Raw data
Scroll down and go to the “Request your raw data download” section. Opt-in consent, and click “Submit request”.
Request raw data
You will receive an email from 23andMe in a few minutes. Depending on timing, this could take longer than 10 minutes. Once you receive the email, download the raw DNA data file. It comes as a zip file. This will be the file you upload to Somaticode.

Do not open your DNA file (ending in ".txt") and save it as another format. Leave it zipped up or as a .txt file.

Updated on: 06/11/2024

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